“We Need A Plan!”



“What day is it?”

“What’s for dinner?”

“Whose birthday are we celebrating?”

“How long is the practice?”

“What time is the game?”

“When is Date-Night???”

These are just a few of my own daily questions!! Than you throw the family’s questions in the pot too! My head starts swimming, and I seriously want to grab a larger cup of coffee and retreat.

Once the family stepped into extracurricular activities and more than one school campus, it was time for a plan! It’s not always a cake walk and there are still daily doses of coffee to recharge my stamina, but the plan definitely helps keep us grounded. (And on time to things!)

Every family’s dynamics are slightly different, but here are a few of our favorite ideas that we use on a weekly basis…and for this season of our lives, they are working beautifully.  Hope one or more might help your daily sanity!

We took a wall in the garage and installed a 6 Month Calendar! Let me say that this has been amazing for our coordination!! When we first talked about putting this up, I thought it might be too much..wouldn’t 3 months work fine? But I am a believer now! Each family member has a color, and EVERYTHING goes on the board. So when I feel my brain beginning to go on overdrive with planning, I just step up to the board and can easily see the master plan. Love it!

We have a clip board for each child also hung in the garage. I was tired of the visual clutter sitting in the kitchen. There was always a “lost” slip to sign and turn in for school. And birthday invitations for different friends was enough to make me drink coffee all day! So…whaala! Everything from permission slips to lunch numbers, and friend’s phone numbers are attached to each kids board. Easily accessible to grab off its hook and look through when needed. Love this too!!

So this is an awesome way to capture all those artistic treasures that come home from school and such. I keep some of them, but realistically they don’t all make the cut. When a particular season has come to its end, we snap a picture with the resident artist. I stumbled upon this idea and it is one of my favorites to look back on and see how each child grows. Love, Love, Love!

On a similar note, I have one bulletin board in our kitchen that I rotate 2 pieces of art work per child. I switch it out now and then. I like seeing the mix of all my kiddos art together. They enjoy pointing out to visitors which ones belong to them. I hung this low so that the kids are eye level with it. You know I love this!

I must confess that this does not happen always. But on the weeks that it does, this little tool is amazing! We have a Dinner Board that I put the meal plan on. The boys love it when I am able to follow through with this plan. I am calmer and happier too. There is less fast food in our lives. When we implement this plan, I do not have to run to the store for that missing ingredient either; and that is something I love!

And last, but most certainly not least… I will leave you with this little gem. This prayer calendar has been taped to the inside of my bathroom cabinet for 9 years. When I get ready each morning, I glance at the day’s word and prayer. While drying my hair, I pray these over my kids and whole family. It’s pretty much committed to memory by now, and I am testament that as I pray these over my children and spouse, they saturate me as well. This is a cherished plan. Love everything about this!

Calendars, Dry Erase Markers, Magnets, ClipBoards, Recipes, Art Work, and Prayers…go forth and Make A Plan!! Have a Beautiful Week!

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