We celebrate many anniversary events in our lives. Often what is unspoken are our anniversaries of loss. We all have them, yet we typically don’t collectively mark the occasion. Sometimes the emotional attachments are so poignant and intense it seems too difficult. Yet if we share just a bit, even a funny story…perhaps our grief feels a little lighter and our loved one is tucked into our heart memory just a little more snugly.

RemembranceToday we take a moment to remember our mother-in-law, Kitty. It’s been six years — a speck of time in the grand scheme of things yet so long in a family’s history.

Rather than dwell on all that she’s missed, we remember her spirit at family events. She was ALL IN. She loved the chaos of little boys running all over, digging in sandpiles and leaving their handprints all over her windows. She relished those grubby little bodies crawling into her lap and reading with her. She instilled a love of reading into all of her grandboys. I have fond memories of our firstborn backing up with an armload of books, landing topsy-turvy upon her and being caught with love. She’d exclaim, “Whew!” and they were off, diving into reading adventures together.

She loved well. We strive to pass on her legacy well.

We pray and hope that each of you are able to reflect and share special moments of your loved ones with those around you. Relive a funny story together. Look through old vacation albums or family reunion pictures. Remembrance is an honor and weaves a deeper texture to your family tapestry.

“Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion” — remember that moment in Steel Magnolias? It’s such a great example of the tenacity of the human spirit.

When we come together, we are stronger.

(…and surely that increases the odds someone has Kleenex!)Kitty's beloved dogs

“a time to weep and a time to laugh…” Ecclesiastes 3:4


6 thoughts on “Remembrance”

  1. Beautifully written. Yes, I remember Kitty with sweet memories and laughter. I am sure your lives and all of those precious boys were greatly enriched by her. I miss her!!

  2. Kitty was one of a kind! Being 9 years younger than Bill and I, she didn’t get to play in our games. Bill was a collector. ALWAYS. When he started collecting guns, I asked Kitty about it. She hated guns, as do I. She said, “Oh, he’ll lose interest. He always does.” Well, he’s still collecting, Kitty. Your cancer struggle was such an inspiration. You kept that grin and humor and just kept on keeping on.. Miss you so much, cousin. But, you have left a great legacy in two families.

  3. I think of her almost daily…our friendship began when we pledged Chi Omega at TU. We double dated and spent hours talking about life dreams. We raised our boys together, taking care of each other through life events. She taught me how to be a friend. Kitty was so good at keeping her friends close and she was so good at drawing people into her world. She was the strongest person I have ever known. Strong in spirit, living her life to the fullest, never giving into self pity, even at the end of her life. Kitty loved her family deeply. She cherished the time spent with her grandsons and wanted to leave a legacy of love. I know she accomplished that and I am so grateful her boys were so wise in marrying precious woman who will keep her memory close to their families hearts. Thank you both…I love you!

  4. Thank you for reposting this today. I awoke thinking of Kitty this morning and all the birthdays we shared. I am two days older and she never let me forget that😰

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