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Chasing Quiet: Day 7 – “Restore”

Summer didn’t want to fade away this year. It just kept coming, lingering on and selfishly stealing part of Fall’s glory.

fresh oreganoThis meant all the plants were still pining to be watered.

The problem?

This “gardener” was pretty much done with daily watering.

Helloooo… It’s football season over here! It’s supposed to be the slowing-down season for these things.

Thus, watering became a hit-or-miss chore in the daily flow of busy school days. Reality plunked down hard as we all scampered to adjust to the constant uptick of extracurricular activities and a parade of back-to-school nights.

flower in strawberry bed

Some plants toughened up.

A rebellious flower even sprang up in the midst of a pathetic little strawberry patch…as if to taunt me.

Other plants put on a blatant show of “Forgotten.” I felt like I was walking the garden pathway of shame. Sorry, Oregano. #gardenfaildead oregano

When we are running and going non-stop, our spirits grow weary and we wither, too. (hopefully not as obvious as my poor oregano)

Our God is gracious to replenish us. When we seek Him, He gives back to us. He restores…and we revive a bit. He can bear fruit in us even when we think we have nothing left to offer.

tomato plant withering yet bearing fruit

Day 7 – #31daysofquiet

Joel 2:25

In some seasons we may experience a “full charge” like those extended family vacations during the summer break that fill everybody up.

mountain stream

In our ordinary days, we may only be able to refresh in Him with a few snatches of Quiet here and there, but God is faithful to pour back into us. He recharges us with mini-power boosts as only He can.

Joel 2:25

As you start a new week, may you find some calm moments to allow some soulful restoration in you.



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