Bible Quilting® the ABCs of the Bible

Simple ideas are sometimes the easiest to implement and can have lasting impact.

Last spring when we were teaching some young girls about Bible Quilting, it occurred to me that although they were very eager, these girls needed a little structure to jumpstart some pages and boost their confidence for ideas.

ABCs of the Bible #biblequiltjournal pageI played around with the idea of setting up some pages to do the ABCs of the Bible. Instantly, we had 26 page starters!

We laminated the ABC tabs for durability.

Making the ABC tabs was a fun process with our own kiddos.

Cutting out tabs and stamping 26 letters became a creative assembly line process.

They even broke into a spontaneous rap!

“K” is for King…

This is a wonderful project for the whole family. The treasure hunt for “ABCS of the Bible” gets everyone’s creative juices flowing!

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“B” is for …

Add in verses, highlighting the word or phrase you want to emphasize.

Embellish with marker, colored pencil or washi tape.

The ABC #biblequiltjournal is great to use as your secondary journal to capture verses that might not fit into other theme pages in your primary Bible Quilt.

I like to see my ABC pages grow over time as I add a verse or two that I find in my daily devotional.

The ABC #biblequiltjournal is also a great place to use leftover alphabet stickers from other projects.

Join us in our Facebook group throughout 2019 as we share some sample ABC pages and focus on a letter of the week.

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