Bible Quilt™ Kids Club journal

Bible Quilt® Kids Club

Are you looking for a kid-friendly devotional technique that keeps your children engaged and that can grow along with them on their spiritual journey?

Children are discovering the joy and depth of Scripture by creating their own Bible Quilt® journals and having fun with their friends by joining together for Bible Quilt® Kids Club sessions.

During Bible Quilt® Kids Club workshops, we  guide your children through the process of decorating their own Bible Quilt® and share some ways they can begin to use their journal in daily devotions. It is adaptable to any Bible study or devotional book.

We encourage children to go on a “treasure hunt” in their Bibles to find verses that they can add to their chosen Bible Quilt® journal topics (friendship, love, faith, family, strength, etc.) It’s delightful to see children getting excited about the Word of God and using scripture in a way that is meaningful to them!Bible Quilt™ Kids Club

We’ve heard many personal stories from parents about how this devotional technique is enriching their children’s Quiet Time with the Lord. It’s becoming a favorite family time activity as parents and their children gather together and craft in their Bible Quilts® side by side, sharing favorite verses and swapping colorful washi tape. 

Bible Quilt® Kids Club
Bible Quilt® Kids Club Birthday Party
Bible Quilt® Kids Club sessions are held in 1 1/2 to 2-hour time blocks, depending on the age of the children and size of the group. There is a $25 set-up fee for Tulsa-area groups (for out-of-town events, the set-up fee is determined by size of group & event location) 
$35 per person = $25 Bible Quilt® + $10 workshop fee

(or $10 workshop fee if you’re a returning Kids Club Bible Quilter®)

 Each participant receives:
  • a 60-page  multi-media journal
  • a colorful alphabet sticker sheet
  • a book pocket with prayer card
  • a handy 6-inch ruler to place inside the book pocket
  • a nametag to personalize your Bible Quilt® journal
  • access to additional supplies to decorate your journal
  • a practice template for you to color, cut, & paste into your journal
  • a bookmark for you to color, cut & use in your journal or Bible

Bible Quilt™ Kids Club session

Bible Quilting® is a fun process to do with a few  friends from school, a Bible Study group, or a Sunday School class! It’s a great way to engage children in creating pages of beloved scripture together.

Bible Quilt® Kids Club – Armor of God page
Noah's Ark
Bible Quilt® Kids Club – Noah’s Ark page
Ordinary Threads logo If you’re interested in more information or would like to schedule a Kids Club “quilting” session, please contact us through our  Ordinary Threads Facebook Page or email us at
You’re invited to join our Bible Quilt® community in the  Ordinary Threads Facebook Group. Members share verses, themes, and pages that they are working on, which inspires all of us to linger in the Word a little longer. 
– — “Stitching” scripture together in unique ways – – – 
Bible Quilt® - the Names of Jesus
Bible Quilt® – the Names of Jesus

birthday girlDoes your child have a birthday coming up? Consider doing a Bible Quilt®-themed party!

The Bible Quilt® Kids Club Power Pack includes supplies for 6 complete Bible Quilt™ journals and a few fun embellishments for the birthday child.

**For those of you who are not local but would be interested in purchasing a Bible Quilt® Kids Club kit or would like to order supplies to host a Kids Club craft time, visit our Etsy shop:

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Bible Quilts
“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

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