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Bible Quilt journal: Getting started


Bible Quilt® Journal

The Bible Quilt® is a 60-page spiral-bound journal designed as a devotional resource to help individuals revitalize their Quiet Time by actively creating with scripture.

The journal includes an overview of our Bible Quilt® story and provides sample pages to illustrate “stitching” techniques to connect Bible verses together according to selected topics.

A few templates are embedded to provide you with the framework to begin filling up pages immediately. Additional pages include borders, which frame the page and allow room for decorative washi tape to be added.

#31daysofquiet page
#31daysofquiet page

Personalize the journal with scripture verses that are meaningful to you and choose how you want to categorize them into sections. Three pages of topic tabs are included for you to cut out and attach to pages in the journal.

stack of Bible Quilt journals

A card stock page is included at the back of the journal for you to cut into 4 bookmarks. Use these to jumpstart a search for references on given topics. Once you’ve utilized these guides to start some pages, you’ll be ready to continue your “quilting” journal with additional topics of your choosing.

Attach the enclosed book pocket to the inside back cover to hold your prayer card and ruler. Use the ruler to assist you in drawing stitch lines around your written verses.

Bible Quilt journalThe Bible Quilt® was constructed to stand upright on a table top so that completed pages may be displayed. Reinforce the bottom edges of the folded back cover with decorative duck tape to provide durability and a splash of color to your journal.

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Holiday Template Trio
Holiday Template Trio now available!
Bible Quilting® is a unique way to weave more scripture into your daily life and an enriching process to share with a prayer partner.

It can be used as a supplement to any Bible study or for summarizing sermon notes.
Many women are incorporating their prayers and praises as well as crafting pages for their family members, intentionally creating a spiritual legacy.
As women share, the Word spreads…
#biblequiltjournal in 28 states as of October 2018

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"Bible Quilting is my happy place!"
“Bible Quilting is my happy place!”

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