A Place to Dream

old playsetAs I looked at a tired part of a swing set at a friend’s house that had been relegated to the back corner of the yard, a moment of inspiration hit me… Their daughter, who is in middle school, walked with me, and I heard the combination of grown-up banter mingled with sweet innocence of youth still on the outskirts of our conversation. Every age should have a place to dream their dreams; and at every age that place looks different. She no longer went out to swing from monkey bars anymore, but that set was not quite finished; repurposing is always fun!  We began to devise a plan and take this summertime to dream.

pails and twine   pinwheels

She listed her favorite things: colors, twinkle lights, soft spots to linger, seashells, bunting, art supplies…

( the list itself was fun to dream!)

We kept the budget friendly, and made several things, which was more fun then buying them anyway!!

Let me show you what we created with a bit of dreams:

place to dream

oh so fun!

We made ribbon bunting with scrap pieces she had collected.  By tying them to some twine it made a whimsical addition to  string across the front entry.  


She had a faded umbrella that was headed to the trash, but we saved it and placed it inside for a dreamy ceiling.

We suspended one piece of art in a window opening with twine to create an outdoor room.  

The time we spent putting this together was sweet in itself, but the opportunities for quiet moments, chats with her mom, a special place as friendships unite… such a treasure. A place to dream comes in every shape and size; the imagination is limitless! Take time this summer to set up a dream spot for a child, a loved one and absolutely for yourself! 

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  1. Childhood dreams fulfilled last your lifetime………God never waste them…..Happy memories last forever……Thanks for reminding me to remember…

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