What Superheros Ride with You?

There are 4 Superheros  in my backseat. Everywhere we go, they constantly have to reign-in their extraordinary powers. I didn’t recognize this unique trait in kids until recently. Once I saw it, my travel view changed……
When our boys were very little, they had capes made for them. They wore them daily as they ran/flew through the house declaring their awesomeness. We would laugh or high-five them as they whizzed by in a blur. They have Superhero names too!In our home,  we have Special K,  Super C,  the Evanator and the Eli-minator. (On any given moment they can each morph into Master of the Obvious when declaring something!) 


While driving, they may “use the force” to open a side window and proceed with face-in-the-breeze, hair flying happiness. They may sing, dance, wrestle and use voices WAY too loud for a car; all the while exerting their powers…hard to contain, truly. If you have children that ride in your car, than you too are riding with Superhero’s. It is a unique time in your life to be able to pour into these extraordinary beings. We have the power to show them their  remarkable God-given abilities, build self-confidence, teach true inward beauty and strong character and integrity to take to the world. 

It is a our duty to guard and protect them from outside forces, and to train them in handling injustice. Our voice needs to be the one that builds them up, because the world will do plenty of tearing down. Stand in the gap for your Superheros; when they get out of your car is when you send them to battle. A parent can’t be by a child’s side every minute, but our God can. We can remind our kids of the armor that was fashioned for them, and we can pray for that armor to fortify them in their daily encounters. 

Many times our Superheros mess up;  they are not perfected yet, they are in-training after all…as parents, we can relate. We mess up and are all a work in progress; praise God for His continuing work!! So these moments are a strong seatbelt for the whole car load. We learn how to reign-in a rough approach that builds off of frustration. We proceed smoothly when we try out His Grace and Mercy to ride through learning opportunities together. We try not to slam on the brakes with recklessness. And many times, we look toward the sky while driving this precious cargo and asking God for wisdom in the moments. 
You, Momma’s, out there are true Superheros too. Turning to the Lord for daily strength to walk through your day. You may lose your footing sometimes…your attitude, your patience, your words… but you are human and you know the God with the power to redeem, restore and refresh! He is our ultimate Superhero! Remind yourself of this often, and then teach it to your children.

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