Undeniably You

What do you do? What makes you extra ordinary? What little details do you weave into your every day, the different seasons that come and go throughout your life? What is something that only you do, and you hear others say, “oh, that’s so very ___________!”. And what do you do that stems off of what your legacy is riding on? The things you do because a loved one:  parents, grandparents, neighbors, mentors…people that have inspired you to step up in life and be an even better you; an undeniable you.

How you set up your Home, how you layer your life, what you incorporate into your sights, smells and sounds around you that draws other in… All of these make up an undeniable you. Peoples different layers are all interwoven from one another. You pick up bits and pieces as you grow; you reflect on mentors in your life and the different stages of it and can see the  Encouragers that have spurred you on to follow your dreams, and the loved ones that have poured time and attention into you and filled your heart to overflowing. All of these experiences are details given by God; a gift for each one of us. They make up who we are, and how we walk our lives.

As the season changes into Fall, and then Winter chasing close behind, it’s a fun time to reflect because you’re pulling out memorable things. You see your youth as the leaves dance and children  rake only to be able to jump with wild abandon into the colorful piles. You taste and sip hot cocoa and apple cider and remember the feelings of warmth. You take out dishes and serving pieces for the Holidays that hold cherished heirloom sentiment. You cook and bake the recipes that have been passed down to you to carry on. You have traditions that either you have started for your home, or you have incorporated from some place that you count a treasure in you heart.

In these shifting seasons, we tend to linger longer  and reflect a bit more. We come together with those we love and we squeeze in tighter as we prepare to hunker down for the winter calm. It’s good for your heart to think about what makes you undeniably you. Try it, it will put a beautiful smile across your face, each detail comes from different stages of your life.

here are a few of mine to hopefully prompt your heart to see yours:

The different stages of life lends itself to certain details; I sang a series of lullabies to each of my babies and I always sang them in the same order. I have vague memories of my mother rocking me to sleep in my early childhood and singing to me.

I take a Sharpie marker and draw simple pictures on water bottle lids for my boys lunch boxes…I don’t know why I do that. It started at one point, and now my boys mention if I forget one day, so I will continue to draw on water bottles.

My family has a large collection of turkey plates that belonged to my grandmother. Whichever house the extended family meal is at, those turkey plates travel to for all of us to remember.

I turn down the corner of each bed in our home right before sleep each night. I never saw anyone do this, I just began it one day and it has stuck with me and become part of my daily routine and gesture of love towards my family.

I light a candle every morning as I go through the house to open curtains and begin our day. I do it probably because it symbolizes warmth and comfort to me, and I want my boys to start their day with those things.

I have 26 lamps in every room…OK maybe a slight exaggeration, but not too far off if you’re asking my husband! But I love indirect lighting, because my mom has always loved indirect lighting.; it makes it feel like a home to me.

My favorite color is red. Every day I have something red that I wear, carry, etc. I just love red, simple as that!

Enjoy being the undeniable you that stands out to those that know and love you. There is nothing ordinary about how our loving God designed you. You were made to shine as only you can! Enjoy this season!!

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