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#31daysof_____: Day Eleven

Day Eleven


Each of us has our own pace. Just go hiking with young boys and this will become apparent very quickly! 

Reading our devotionals at a relaxed, individual pace is important, too, so that we don’t feel rushed.

boys at top of trail

Chasing Quiet Day 11: He Leads Me


Bible Quilt your selected verse:  Let the process of doodling allow your mind to relax and enjoy a slower pace than you normally go.

Consider how you let the Lord lead you in your daily life. Sometimes it might be natural to resist or to get distracted.

#31daysofquiet day 11 BQPray.  Thank you, Lord, for restoring and refreshing us. Guide us this day on our unique path. Help us allow YOU to lead wherever we may need to go today.


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#31daysof_____: Day Ten

Day Ten

Find a quiet place to read your devotional today. 

Be StillHow does today’s verse resonate with you?

Take a moment to be intentionally still.

Quiet your mind as you pause your body.


Move forward with a more purposefully slow pace and see how long you can maintain this posture of stillness…


Be Still

Chasing Quiet Day 10: Be Still


Bible Quilt your selected verse: 

As we decorate our #biblequiltjournal page day by day, it’s a tangible reflection of His Word building in us.

Sometimes I’ll go back and add a touch of color to a previous day, scanning the scripture again and making connections I haven’t made before.

#31daysofquiet Day 10 BQ
#31daysofquiet #day10 #biblequiltjournal

Pray.  Lord, it is so hard for us to slow down and BE STILL to soak in Your presence. Help us pause long enough to get ensnared in Your purpose for us today.

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#31daysof_____: Day Seven

Day Seven

Slip into your quiet space and enjoy your devotional. 

new growth on treeLinger on the 2-3 words that resonate with you the most.

What do these words evoke for you today?

How might they refresh your spirit?

What can you do today to replenish yourself for the week ahead?


Chasing Quiet Day 7:  Restore

Bible Quilt your selected verse:  Play around with different hand lettering styles. Add some washi tape or a sticker for a pop of color.

Pray.  Lord guide me this day as I surrender it to You. 

Restore my mind to be fixed on YOU.

Restore my body from its daily weariness.

Restore my soul as I sink into Sabbath rest with You.

Joel 2:25

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#31daysof_____: Day Five

Day Five

Read your chosen devotional for the day.

What underlying message resonated with you today?

red maple tree


Chasing Quiet Day 5: Less of Me

Bible Quilt your selected verse: Read aloud the 5 verses you’ve “stitched” together on the page so far. Notice how verses from the Old Testament and New Testament complement each other. God’s pretty cool like that, isn’t He?

#31daysofquiet day 5 BQ

Pray.  Lord, let your Word settle deep within us, trusting You in each step we take today. Show us the pattern these verses are incorporating into our daily life. Help us release things to You.

red leaf

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#31daysof _____ : Day Four

Day Four

Read your chosen devotional for the day.

What phrase made the biggest impact on you that will stick with you for the remainder of the day?

mini pumpkins and gourds

Chasing Quiet Day 4: Time Out

Bible Quilt your selected verse: Summarize the key phrases and include the reference.  Embellish with a sticker or shade the background with a colored pencil. This helps you linger on the verse a little longer.

#31daysofquiet day 4 BQ


Pray.  Lord, quiet our souls, allowing this verse of Truth carry us forward in a positive way today.

leaves fallen


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#31daysof_____: Day Three

Day Three

wait quietlyRead your devotional for the day.

Take a moment to consider its meaning for you today. 

Chasing Quiet Day 3: Wait Quietly

Bible Quilt your selected verse: Choose any block where you’d like to add today’s verse. Consider looking up the verse in different versions to pick which one you prefer.

#31daysofquiet day 3 BQ

Pray.  Lord, we wait quietly for you to direct our path today. Our hope is in You. Guide us forward…trees in fall

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