Summer vibes

The beauty of summer is the different flavor of each week… and never having the same week twice as we juggle between various camps, treasured home days, and family vacations.

If you haven’t made it over to Bible Quilt yet, here’s a few links to browse:

Bible Quilting at #theturquoisetable

Kansas road trip & reconnecting with friends in the Heartland

ABC Bible Quilt journal page

Snatching some quiet moments to read and journal in between activities helps ground me. We’re starting a 2nd round of the #abcsofthebible this week. You’re welcome to join in!

Bible Quilting with Moms and their Girls

This is a time of celebrating our nation’s freedom & independence. It’s also a season to remember our freedom in Christ.

a friend’s BQ page “FREE” on Flag template

You’re invited to download a flag template printable to incorporate themes of freedom into your #biblequiltjournal.

Wishing each of you a happy 4th and fun fellowship with your families!

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