Simply Summer Bible Quilting® sessions

Summer marches to its own rhythm and no two weeks are alike for our families, so we are going with the flow to have some Bible Quilting sessions scattered about at different days and times throughout the summer. We’re loving it!#theturquoisetable Bible Quilt sessionSimply Summer Bible Quilt session #1: Gathering at the Turquoise Table

Bible Quilting at #theturquoisetableWe brought out lemonade & iced tea, spread some quilts out on the lawn for kids, and set up at #theturquoisetable on an early June morning.

Some of our regular Weekly Wednesday gals enjoyed the change of atmosphere.

A friend brought her sister and kickstarted her Bible Quilting journey at the cozy picnic table.

#biblequiltjournal picnic table templateA young mom with her trio of kids strolled by and stopped to see what we had going on. The tire swing was a big hit with the littles and allowed this busy mom a chance to have an adult chat to learn more about the Bible Quilt® journal.

Our postal carrier pulled up at the curb in her mail truck and gathered up some info to share with her work buddies and church friends. I recently saw her on a walk and it was nice to have a name to go with this now familiar face.


Simply Summer Bible Quilt® session #2: Freedom 

Free Indeed pg in #biblequiltjournalTo spark a little patriotic feel for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, we pulled out our red, white and blue.

Our group completed some beautiful flag templates on Freedom and Prayers for Our Nation.

We had a lively blend of veteran Bible Quilters and newcomers. Our guests ranged in age from 6 to 70ish, working side by side & sharing ideas with one another.Freedom pg in #biblequiltjournal

We think women who step out of their comfort zone to try something new are so brave to come to an event where they don’t know anyone personally. When they step out, following this God nudge, the Lord makes such sweet connections.

Our hearts are full when we see this process happen over and over again: they arrive as strangers, but leave as friends.busy hands with #biblequiltjournal
Flag template for Bible Quilt journal

If you’re interested in either a PICNIC TABLE or FLAG template that we used in these sessions, please visit our online etsy shop, Ordinary Threads to browse around!




Simply Summer Bible Quilt® session #3:

– – – Girls’  Night In – – –

We slipped in one more Bible Quilt session before all the back-to-school activities began.

Since the air conditioning was not working, we flung open the door and opened all the windows, creating a slight breeze with some fans scattered around the room.

These women were troopers!

My dog loved this change of routine, appointing herself guardian/greeter at the front door.

canine greeter We welcomed in some of our regulars, getting a peek at their pages in progress.

“May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” Psalm 20:4

We enjoyed getting some newcomers started on their Bible Quilt journals, watching connections develop between friends and family.As the summer draws to a muggy close, we’re grateful for the gatherings we’ve had to plant some seeds that will continue to flourish throughout the school year.

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