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Join us for a wonderful time of fellowship as we guide you through the process of launching your Bible Quilt® journal!

If you don’t have a Bible Quilt® journal yet and you will be attending a workshop for the first time, please select the “1st-time participant” option. You will receive a starter journal at the workshop and learn how to set it up.

Bible Quilt® journal
Bible Quilt® journal (newly printed version, released April 2018)

If you already have a Bible Quilt® journal, then select the “returning participant” option. We’ll share our latest techniques & tips with you as we also introduce newcomers to the foundational concepts.

Bible Quilt™ Kids Club sessionAt each workshop, we strive to provide a welcoming environment for all attendees and encourage you “veteran Bible Quilters” to share pages and ideas with others.

We’ll  have some fun supplies available for all participants to incorporate into your journals.

Bring your Bible and have a scripture in mind to share on a page in our Friendship Bible Quilt.

We’ll also have some additional display items for you to browse and shop throughout the workshop.

Our workshops are kid-friendly and family-oriented. We leave it to your parental discretion re: whether your child is ready to start his/her own journal. Templates to add to Bible Quilt page

Contact us at for assistance in the registration process or if you’d like to get schedule a workshop for your own group!

Scroll through events below for specific details pertaining to your select group:

Next workshop TBA

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Wednesday, June 5th 10 a.m.-Noon

Check our Facebook page for a schedule of our home-based casual Bible Quilt sessions at Dianna’s

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Bible Quilt® journal on Turquoise Table
sample that has been personalized with ribbon & washi tape

A Bible Quilt “shop” will be available for you to browse at your event. We’ll send some journals, pen pouches, templates, and washi tape rings along to help get your Bible Quilting journey going smoothly.

Tap in to the Ordinary Threads Facebook group for ideas or questions.

Bible Quilt journal bonus kit
sample journal with bonus goodies (crate not included)

Kickstart your Bible Quilting with some fun Bonus materials: a colorful pen pouch filled with 10 Papermate flair pens, a glue stick, & hand-punched tabs; plus 3 washi tapes on a ring that can clip pen pouch to journal (choose bonus kit when pre-ordering)

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Bible Quilt™ page: Clothe yourself with strength & dignity

daily life transformed by God into extraordinary tapestries

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