#31daysof_____: Day Nine

Day Nine


Slip away from the hustle & bustle to find a quiet place to read your devotional. 

How does today’s verse impact you?

Carving out some solitary moments in our day is a challenge. 

Take a moment to reflect on your verse today and how it might ground you in your interactions with others today. 

Chasing Quiet Day 9: Seek It

Bible Quilt your selected verse:  Let the process of writing slow you down a little bit today. As we read and write scripture, it sinks in a bit deeper and we become more familiar with the cadence of God’s Word.

You may even be surprised to discover that you’re memorizing scripture through Bible Quilting!

Even though we think we’re embellishing through stickers or washi tape, the Word is actually being written upon our hearts as we linger and decorate our #biblequiltjournal pages.

#31daysofquiet day 9 BQ
Bible Quilting at #theturquoisetable #31daysofquiet #day9

Pray.  Lord guide us this day as You unfold Your work in us each day ~~in big and small ways. We are in Your capable hands.

 #31daysof_____ template set

#31daysof_____: Day Eight

Day Eight

Take a moment for quiet as you read your devotional. 

Bible Quilting family devotions
Bible Quilt family devotions

How does today’s verse inspire you?

Any changes in your life that might activate this particular message for you today?

Chasing Quiet Day 8: Live Quietly 

Bible Quilt your selected verse:  Doodle or just write the words simply. Enjoy your own process.

#31daysofquiet Day 7 BQ
#31daysofquiet #day7 #biblequiltjournal

Pray.  Lord guide us this day as you show us ways to quiet ourselves throughout the day. Let our hands be productive for your kingdom work.

 #31daysof_____ template set

#31daysof_____: Day Seven

Day Seven

Slip into your quiet space and enjoy your devotional. 

new growth on treeLinger on the 2-3 words that resonate with you the most.

What do these words evoke for you today?

How might they refresh your spirit?

What can you do today to replenish yourself for the week ahead?


Chasing Quiet Day 7:  Restore

Bible Quilt your selected verse:  Play around with different hand lettering styles. Add some washi tape or a sticker for a pop of color.

Pray.  Lord guide me this day as I surrender it to You. 

Restore my mind to be fixed on YOU.

Restore my body from its daily weariness.

Restore my soul as I sink into Sabbath rest with You.

Joel 2:25

 #31daysof_____ template set

#31daysof_____: Day Six

Day Six

boy reading on benchSettle in to a comfy nook and read your devotional for the day.

Consider what it holds for you today.

What emotion does it stir?

Chasing Quiet Day 6: Rest 

Bible Quilt your selected verse:  Play around with different hand lettering styles. Add some washi tape to add a splash of color.

#31daysofquiet Day 6 BQ

Pray.  Lord guide me this day, show me how to rest IN you throughout a busy day of activities and distractions. Steady my soul amidst whatever challenges I may face today.

 #31daysof_____ template

#31daysof_____: Day Five

Day Five

Read your chosen devotional for the day.

What underlying message resonated with you today?

red maple tree


Chasing Quiet Day 5: Less of Me

Bible Quilt your selected verse: Read aloud the 5 verses you’ve “stitched” together on the page so far. Notice how verses from the Old Testament and New Testament complement each other. God’s pretty cool like that, isn’t He?

#31daysofquiet day 5 BQ

Pray.  Lord, let your Word settle deep within us, trusting You in each step we take today. Show us the pattern these verses are incorporating into our daily life. Help us release things to You.

red leaf

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#31daysof _____ : Day Four

Day Four

Read your chosen devotional for the day.

What phrase made the biggest impact on you that will stick with you for the remainder of the day?

mini pumpkins and gourds

Chasing Quiet Day 4: Time Out

Bible Quilt your selected verse: Summarize the key phrases and include the reference.  Embellish with a sticker or shade the background with a colored pencil. This helps you linger on the verse a little longer.

#31daysofquiet day 4 BQ


Pray.  Lord, quiet our souls, allowing this verse of Truth carry us forward in a positive way today.

leaves fallen


#31daysof_____ printable templates available in our Etsy shop


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