Love Silent and Strong

The two words,  Silent and Strong, are not normally paired with one another. Take a look at what can happen when they are…

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There are many ways to love silent and strong.  A parent standing at arm’s length watching a child spread their wings in youth, loves in this way. Silence gives the child room to grow and problem-solve; but silent prayers lay strong foundations for paths explored.

Loving silent and strong is also when a parent stands at their child’s bedside as they sleep, and their heart spills over with a love that cannot be described with words, and you thank the Lord in prayer for the gift of this magnitude. The strong prayers for their future and all that you both dream of are laid in those silent moments.

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In many ways, all parents love silent and strong throughout their children’s lives; there are always prayers for safety, health, happiness…



In my lifetime, I have watched a few remarkable people who love silent and strong for others outside their family.  They are mostly quiet by nature; very unassuming and not your attention-seekers. They are intentional in all that they do, and they do not shy away from solitude.

These are some powerful prayer warriors that love from a distance.

Unfailing and constant in their love.

They are watchful and ever anticipating.

They agonize, and other times rejoice for us; all in solitude and silence.

Mighty battles are fought for others on their knees; they are strong, and their prayers strengthen us.

I am in awe of such devotion and love for others. To have someone love silent and strong for you and me, is a true treasure worth eternal value. And to love silent and strong for another is a journey of love that I believe the Lord intended for every one of us.

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As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. The love of God provides a safe harbor for those whose lives are anchored in Him. Joshua 24:15

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