“Ice Cream and Cake! Ice Cream and Cake!

you are specialA sea of balloons crashes into his bed. He opens his eyes and smiles at the crazy amount of colors that cover the carpet in his room. There is no denying what day it is, and he is not surprised by the display that brightly states: “Time to Celebrate You!” He’s not shocked because his mom does this every year on his birthday; he anticipates the familiar.

Celebrations of Life are meant to be extravagant. They can be simple or complex, cheap or expensive, long or short interactions… but however they play out , make them meaningful and rich in detail. the wish When those fleeting thoughts wander down the trail saying that a child will not remember all the details of a birthday… shout out “yep! that’s right.”  Then get back on course and remember that you are  celebrating the one,  so that they can store up an abundance of how special they are to someone.make a cakeIMG_8837

Each of us has a place in our hearts that stores up love, acceptance, and all the good self-esteem “stuff”  that others pour into our lives. Just like anything else, it becomes depleted at times. Birthday celebrations are a beautiful way to fill our loved ones hearts to overflow each year.

Here is a sampling of ideas (knowing you will begin to remember many of your own as you read mine). I don’t do all of them each year, but I do pick a few for my children and spouse so their hearts are replenished. Every family is unique. Seasons differ in our lives. A Celebration of Life each year reminds us that we have purpose, love, and an identity.

Time to Make a Wish!

Birthday Balloons, a Special Plate, Birthday Breakfast, a Favorite Meal, a yummy Dessert to make a wish on, Gifts in all forms: small, big, bought, made, handwritten with love, a New Outfit, Family Album out for viewing, incorporating Extended Family, over-the-top Parties and quiet get-away Parties, playing Hooky for a day with a loved one, Surprise hugs, stories of affirmation, gathering of friends and family, a note tucked under a pillow or in a backpack.

Quantity Time is the icing, but Quality Time is the memorable cake.

“There is no way to be a perfect parent, but there are a million ways to be a good one.”   -Jill Churchill

special plate

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