Hello FALL!

Unlike other seasons, Fall slips in easily and subtly. She is not overbearing. Fall brings a double gift of energetic crispness and a refreshing stillness. Fall is like an easy friend, encouraging us to slow down and chat a while. She’s telling us she’s making some changes and is inviting us to change a little with her.

tree - fall color

Her leaves follow us everywhere like a whisper, teasing us with their deepening hues. You wonder, “what IS changing in me this season?”


fall leaves

Fall is playful, surprising us with beauty big and small.


big leaf peekaboo

Fall offers gifts of abundance and cheer. Colorful gourds try to outdo each other with their wild textures and silly shapes. Round pumpkins peek out at us from baskets, bins, and wheelbarrows, beckoning us for adoption into our homes…

mini pumpkins and gourds

Fall is a successful ambassador…we gladly invite her in to stay a while. Let us savor some slower days with her, perhaps sip a spiced pumpkin latte, and gather our strength for some long walks in the crunchy leaves with our kiddos.


leaves in the gutter

daily life transformed by God into extraordinary tapestries

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