Forever Greens

     img_9041This week my boys and I were driving down the road and I said, ” Look at all the beautiful colors of the Fall trees, you guys”.  And one son said, “Don’t forget to see the “forever greens”,  Mommy,  we always have those”.  And in that moment it really hit my heart; the terminology was cute but the impact is powerful.  img_4635

When I had a moment, I looked up information on Evergreen Trees. I also looked up and saw the huge “Forever Green” now standing in my living room; it’s presence and sparkle demanding attention. The center stage of our home this holiday season. Everything focuses around it, in fact.

We only allow its dominance of the living room for one month.  After that, we discard it and  move on with our lives. This thing that is so esteemed briefly will be quickly banished to the attic or discarded completely on the trash pile.  img_4627Doesn’t it seem strange? Why did God make some trees to stay green, not lose their leaves or needles? What are the real details of these forever greens?

I didn’t know that evergreens were made to reinforce their own survival. Any leaves or needles dropped have purpose in conditioning the ground for more evergreens to sprout. The nitrates they leave in the soil make it difficult for weeds to persist in growth around them. And the shelter of the existing evergreens make it easier for younger evergreens to survive (thrive).  They are hardy and versatile. They require soil, water and light. It goes on to say that they are great for darkened corners and will produce year-round beauty.

My heart was so full after learning about evergreens! We are so much like them! img_4245 When we focus our eyes on the Lord,  He reinforces us daily.  He designed us to “shed” parts of us that will condition and produce more fruit, for us and others.  By staying close to Him, no “weeds” can tangle us in our growth.  And in community with fellow believers, it gives a model for younger seedlings.

To thrive, we are designed  to stay planted in God’s rich soil.  We need water daily from the Book of Life, and the Light of Jesus is essential for growth.  When we are planted were we are supposed to be, Jesus can use us to be a presence to darkness. And as we continue to age, He bestows year-round beauty in our lives. img_2991

As I read Christmas stories with my children  by our tree, or sip hot cocoa and dream with my husband, or have that lingering conversation with a loved one, and just enjoy the Peace of God in a whirling society… the Forever Greens have a new, profound meaning to my heart. I want to see them past December and on into the next year.  Just like my son reminded me, “Don’t forget the Forever greens, we will always have those.”

Enjoy all of God’s richness during this season.

“Let your roots grow down into Jesus, and let your lives be built in Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with Thankfulness.” Colossians 2:7

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