Di and boysI am a wife to Busyman and a Boymom of three charming guys. I strive to engage in daily activities with purpose, providing a gentle buffer for my boys as they forge into Growing Up. I’m a catcher of moments — trying to capture snippets of their childhood into memories, photos, and journals. I’m keeper of the family calendar, kitchen buffet line, and transportation central.
Each day I seem to learn a little, teach a lot, and counsel deeply. I am a seeker of boys’ hearts and a finder of lost soccer cleats. I am an encourager and family peacekeeper. I like dark chocolate and peanut butter M&Ms. I love my husband who “gets me,” supporting me in my endeavors both great and small.
sunny workspaceI’m an intentional friend and Organizer of All the Things. I’m a reluctant runner. I enjoy long walks to soak up God’s glory in nature. I’m a listener and a prompter. Soft jammies and truth talks with my girlfriends are my favorite. I am flawed, yet can see the silver linings in our imperfections. I am a daughter of God and want to do this Life Walk well.

hello door and rainbow wreath


***A special welcome to all of you military families!***

Army transitionsMy husband is a Colonel in the United States Army Reserves. We’ve been through 5 deployments, so I can relate to single parenting during a stressful season of shifting family dynamics.

***Thank you for your service to our country! I’m grateful for our Faith & Freedom. ***

daily life transformed by God into extraordinary tapestries

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