Christmas Threads of JOY

Her five men:  four cute and little sons,  and one cute and big husband.  And some of them much messier than others,  but she won’t name names.  A God assigned daughter that has enriched the home as well. And an extended family full of love and laughter.  Her life is full,  rich, and happy.  Just looking at them is a warm holiday greeting.

The Christmas season is my very favorite time of the year.  I know I share this passion with many! Our family has traditions that we look forward to each December. I’d like to share with you where my Joy takes flight…

 The boxes of ornaments come out and we dive in with enthusiasm as we each find our own individual ones to hang on the tree. The past two years I have relinquished rights to the tree and just let the boys set the pace! (It is easier for me to do this when I have another tree in the front hall!) The ornament placement has made me smile each time I glance at the tree…two competitive brothers placing their ornament “higher” than the other. ALL of my 5 -yr-old’s treasures bunched in one over saturated spot. And not one beauty is hung past the first couple needles at the tips. In the evening, I find myself loving this tree so much more than my “fancy” one. This tree sparkles with Joy of my children’s hands.

Since I am an artsy gal,  I take full  opportunity to make Christmas crafts with my sons!  We have the best times with glue and glitter!! My memory bank gets tanked up during these creative sessions as we laugh and make a huge, beautiful mess.

  They have loved this impromptu felt snowman-building kit that we cut together. It just stays out on the counter for whomever needs a snow fix.

Gingerbread Houses are a pretty big deal to us. We have an annual Gingerbread Day with cousins, aunts/uncles and grandparents. The time together in each families home over the years has woven a wonderful memory of this event.  We broke out of our shell this year and added sugar cube castles to our repertoire. (I highly recommend it!)

As so many others, we have an advent countdown that has family time and chocolate as a way to wind down our day and remember where our focus should remain.  And we read Christmas stories from a big box that gets pulled off the top shelf just for the month of December. I will never get tired of hearing, “Oh! I remember this one!!”

We set up a hot cocoa station in the kitchen, and snack time becomes more magical. There are lots more helping hands when holiday baking happens too! We play Christmas music ALL the time…and I absolutely adore it. 

As wonderful as all the traditions can be, I have found that what satisfies my heart and brings me the most joy is when I make sure to step out of the holiday bustle a part of each day. Creating the memories with your children and loved ones doesn’t mean you have to accomplish ALL of what I just shared and beyond… pick one or more of your favorite traditions and just soak up the time with someone. I also recently learned that it’s okay to release a few favorites for the next year if the current year is feeling full; they can be revisited the next go around. But NEVER set aside the fact that this season is the perfect time to let your children indulge in dreams!

Merry Christmas and God Bless You!

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