Chasing Quiet: Day 8 – “Live Quietly”


My grandma is 97.
Sometimes I struggle to wrap my mind around living that long. It’s amazing to consider all she has witnessed in her almost-century of life.
grandma and meI’ve been blessed to have a recent visit with Grandma. Oh, she is full of stories and is eager to hear mine! We sat at the same kitchen table she’s had my entire lifetime (and more), chatting about our current families and weaving in snippets from conversations past at that sturdy table.
It’s quieter now than my childhood visits with all those rowdy boy cousins clamoring for food and attention.
rotary dial phoneMy 11-year-old son soaked up the stories and taught great-grandma new things like slo-mo and selfies. He learned old things like rotary-dial corded phones. Together they learned they are both card sharks.
card sharksThe simplicity of things always being the same at Grandma’s is comforting. She is content with doing things simply, the way she always has. Although the family finally talked her into a microwave years ago, a dishwasher never came. Her hands did the job just fine. My childhood memories of her washing and Grandpa drying side-by-side are vivid despite the decades that have marched on since.
Grandma has her daily routines, her seasonal rhythms, and just keeps going strong. She has been heroic in her quiet life journey, one day at a time. And gradually the decades have stacked up close to that century line. We are proud of her, but she would shoo compliments away like she would a pesky fly.
Quiet living adds up, weaving a family legacy over time. Grandma has lived in the same house 75 years, married to my grandpa for 61 years until he passed away. She had 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren. (I was struggling trying to keep it all straight, but she just kept naming them off.)
Grandma's houseGrandma is still living on her own in the little house that stores a mishmash of summer memories for me that have fused into an overall caption of belonging and contentment. She’s fiercely independent and likes things just-so (still bossing my dad around when he comes for his regular Tuesday visit). She is sturdy in her convictions. Her way of doing things has stood the test of time.
When I consider today’s verse, I think of Grandma and how she has lived her life quietly.

Day 8 – #31daysofquiet

I Thess 4:11

And, oh, did Grandma work with her hands…canning homegrown vegetables, cleaning, preparing meals, washing dishes, mowing, gardening, weeding, crocheting, quilting, and clasping them in prayer.grandma's hands


boy in afghanGrandma has left a legacy in afghans and quilts alone. After providing quilts for all of her family members, she stitched quilts for church auctions and charitable causes. I may be a bit biased, but she was a quilting rockstar. Every summer when I went to visit I watched her crocheting or saw her quilt in progress. I loved her attention to detail –her tenacious effort to make so many handmade things out of love for others.
LifegoalsOur family cherishes Grandma’s handiwork each time we wrap ourselves in one of her beautiful creations.
In honor of all the hard-working quiet-living grandmothers out there, this one is for you. Thank you for showing us how to love and live quietly!

Grandma Belle

P.S. Grandma, you’re a treasure to me. Love, Di


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