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Chasing Quiet: Day 28 “In Him”

As a new week starts, we move forward into more opportunities to walk with God however our days unfold.
Although I’ve been more intentional about cultivating Quiet into my life this month, a quick scroll through my photos from the last few weeks shows a life that has not been put on hold. I’ve chased quiet in the pauses between our family’s activities and events.

Day 28 of #31daysofquiet

Acts 17:28

This verse reminds me that our BEing IN HIM is a continuous pursuit as we live and move through our ordinary days.

We can celebrate God’s presence in our lives as we celebrate loved ones in special ways. During November I welcomed a newborn girl into this world yet also reminisced with my 97-year-old grandma about her decades on this earth. I attended a bounce party for a 5-year-old, a family dinner for my 40-ish brother, and surprised my Dad on his 73rd birthday.  Each age has its own struggles and delights. God is with us at each milestone.

travel-bingoWe can follow God’s direction for our lives wherever we are. Even traveling we can seek His quiet as we make adjustments in our daily routines when we’re away from home. I had a  road-trip to Missouri with my youngest son, a family road trip to Texas, and a spontaneous flight to Phoenix with my husband. Each trip had its own flavor and unique highlights. I snatched quiet moments before others were awake or sometimes in the wee hours after events had wound down.

While I’ve made some new acquaintances this month that I hope blossom into friendships, I’ve also visited with forever friends I haven’t seen in more than a decade. Each encounter has had its own twinge of nervousness yet also excitement to pursue the beauty of friendship. God wants us to live IN HIM through community with others.

pansies-amid-leavesThis month we wrapped up soccer and cross country seasons. Then suddenly we fell into watching football and basketball together as a family. Sports have their own love language around here, whether it’s on the field or sitting beside each other on the couch. Sometimes I’ll slip away during half-time to have a quiet interlude…or I opt to stay sandwiched in between my boys and soak in their camaraderie.

We’ve shuffled closets to transition from summer to the warm layers of fall & winter. Shoes have been outgrown and jackets from last year retired. We’ve shopped for school food drives and hunted down specific clothing items for a Scout Christmas party for a special needs group. We’ve participated in two fundraisers and have more on the horizon. Each of these tasks can seem like a chore, but if we put on God’s perspective of “IN HIM we live and move,” then we can reframe our servants’ hearts a little quicker.

pie-in-the-face gameI’ve made pies with my mother and played pie-in-the-face with my nephews. Both resulted in happy messes in my kitchen. We’ve hosted family dinners and had outings with friends. Logistics and menu planning get tangled in with the laughter and conversation that ignite when we’re together.

All of this is to acknowledge that our lives are busy and sometimes unpredictable, yet we can strive to maintain a layer of Quiet in between the hustle. Sometimes it’s been a challenge and I’ve had to revisit the “training for quiet” analogy to remind myself this process takes practice. Whenever I’ve taken a few moments to refocus, I’ve discovered that I can enter the next birthday celebration or family dinner with more intention and grace.

Resting in God’s presence helps me be more authentic in my interactions with others and more settled in my spirit.

leaves fallenAs we wind down our #31daysofquiet later this week, I hope you’re able to discern some shifts in your own perspective of rest and have a heightened awareness of ways to infuse quiet into your busy days. Visit us over in the Ordinary Threads Facebook page to share your own insights on this journey of Chasing Quiet.


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