Chasing Quiet: Day 17 “Our Refuge”

post-campout pileI live in a house full of Boy Scouts. We seem to always be in some phase of camping. Boys are either looking for gear to cram into backpacks or smoky piles of gear are scattered about waiting for boys to put it away.

sleeping bags dryingPart of our crew spent last weekend out in the woods as a cold front marched through the area. Despite the cold, the boys were warm zipped tight into their tents which protected them from the chilly dampness that settled in overnight. They were tucked snugly into their heavy sleeping bags. Having sought refuge inside their scout tents with appropriate layers and weight of gear, they were safe and dry.

 Where do YOU seek refuge?

Day 17 of #31daysofquiet

Psalm 91:9-10

In much the same way that scouts hunker down inside their A-frame tents to protect themselves from the elements, the Lord wants us to come to Him as our safe place.
He is our Refuge.
He is our protector from danger or trouble.


God as refuge

I really love this concept of the Lord being our Dwelling Place. To me, dwelling is lingering and pondering, soaking up all the atmosphere that a place has. When we spend time dwelling in the Word, we are “gearing up” for our day. When we spend time with the Lord in prayer, we are preparing our spirits to be ready for whatever elements we may face.






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