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Chasing Quiet: Day 11 “He leads me”

Psalm 23:1-2The 23rd Psalm is pretty familiar territory for most of us, yet I’m viewing it through a lens of Quiet this week and soaking up these restful first verses.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want.”

gallons of milk

The Lord is meeting our basic needs…and then some. We live in a free country where we have healthy food, clean water, and an abundance of choices. I’m grateful to be fortunate to lug home 3 gallons of milk at a time for my growing-like-weeds crew of boys.

“He makes me LIE DOWN in green pastures.”

green pastures

God created us with homeostatic rhythms to remind us when we need rest. I’d probably do better if I actually paid attention to these bodily cues and followed through with these built-in safety mechanisms. (maybe we need to reinstate afternoon nap time?)


quiet waters

There’s something down-to-your-toes calming about still water. Peace emanates from the gentle ripples trickling across the surface caused by an occasional breeze, a gentle whisper of “hush” settling around you.
Let’s not overlook the part of He leads me. The Lord pulls us to the quiet, the peace of abiding in Him rather than being stuck in the stress of this world.

“He RESTORES my soul.”

new growth on tree


When we’re depleted from the cares of this world God renews us, bit by bit.

Whatever the storyline of our life is, God can RESTORE us and move us into a new direction.

Psalm 23The Lord is our kind and strong Shepherd, looking out for us and leading us into His bountiful beauty. Let Him quiet our spirits today as we rest in His wondrous creation.
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