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Chasing Quiet

We live in a busy, chaotic world.

clock on organizational bookIt’s loud and demanding.

We feel the weight of demands and pressure pushing on us each day. Bits of it may feel manageable, but large parts of it feel unavoidable. We face a marathon of endless meals, unmatched socks, and relentless emails.

Most of us have probably been encouraged to have daily Quiet Time –yet it’s easier said than done, right? Even if we manage the physical act of sitting down and putting in the time, it’s still a challenge to be fully engaged. Those to-do lists in our heads pop up quickly. Our inner distractions can be almost as much of a barrier as our external ones.

We’re constantly dancing around obstacles thrown in our paths that interfere with maintaining our focus on God’s Will for us each day.

How can we chase Quiet to regain some inner composure?


#31daysofQuiet card ring

Join us as we launch a #31daysofquiet challenge during the month of November, focusing on a daily verse of Quiet.
May each of us build a little calmness into our souls, building ourselves up to better withstand the upcoming holiday hustle.




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