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bday cardA hand-written note is considered “old school” to most of this generation. Our children are not writing nearly as much as we did in our youth. But I am not that old yet, and I was brought up to write a thank you note when someone gifted me something. So I think we, as adults, have fallen into the ease of our new-found social media tools. Of course it’s easier to click a button and not have to write, address, stamp and mail something. This freedom is quite useful for a whole host of things… and when I had 3 children under the age of 4, and was completely sleep-deprived, I must now apologize for never writing anything. For those who love me, please forgive my season of exhaustion.

As summer was in full swing this past year, two of my boys were at camp, and I was puzzled at receiving their letters that were addressed as such:


Oh, how I had gone wrong in giving up the art of a handwritten letter!! I had not passed this skill on to my children. Furthermore, they believed it was unnecessary to send a note of thanks to someone.

IN FACT: IT NEVER CROSSED THEIR MINDS! (Because I had never modeled it in their lifetime).

I, then and there,  purposed to right/write(!) my wrong; and so began our mobile Card-Making Station My sis-in-law has had this nifty set-up for years now in a desk, and I have watched and learned. I took mine from stationary to travel speed; so here they both are:



A desk with a file drawer.

Categorized and filled with paper, stickers, envelopes, and more…

A calendar of special days.

A place to write, in a tucked in corner of the living room.

And here’s the traveling version:

card basket

A basket with a handle, file folders, a pouch of stickers, handful of envelopes, scrap papers and blank notes, stamps, scissors and tape, and some colorful pens.

After a birthday, holiday, etc… it is now easy for any of us to grab the card basket and find a cozy nook to stop and write thanks to someone. This practiced art slows us down, it grounds us, and we dwell on the thankfulness of our blessings. I sometimes have a child seek out this basket so that he can make a card for someone, (this warms my heart every time).

I relish the skill of penmanship instilled in my kids. I delight in keeping their handwriting triumphs tucked in my memory box; to see how they spell things makes me smile. And I love seeing the desire to seek out another and thank them by giving back with a grateful heart.

Whether you put together a basket, or set up a desk area, find someone special in your life today and write them a note. We all have something to be thankful for in our lives.

I thank my God always when I remember you…”

Philemon 1:4

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