prayer cup    There is always something to be Thankful for.

I am beginning to write out a few prayers and placing them in my line of vision daily. Such a simple act can be a very powerful tool in your day. Try it out and see what I mean.

prayer 1“Let your Faith be bigger than your fear”

Our first Gratitude Pumpkin…we added things we are thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving:

gratitude pumpkin


gratitude pumpkin (cont)It got a little muddy, the stem fell off, and the words faded, but it was so sweet to watch the boys hunched over the pumpkin writing about the little things that touch their hearts each day. I especially liked the word “forgiveness” appearing after one of them was having a particularly turbulent day. My heart was full in that moment of surrender.

“A friend loves at all times…” Proverb 17:17

blessing ring

God blesses us so often through friendships, especially during difficult times. A Blessing Ring is a simple way to keep cards you receive from friends when they express their support to you.

daily life transformed by God into extraordinary tapestries

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