Bible Quilt® Intro

The Bible Quilt® is a simple concept, yet a powerful technique to use in your devotional time.

It is a unique collection of similarly-themed verses written creatively on the same page that ultimately resembles a patchwork quilt.

The Bible Quilt®is divided into sections according to your personal interests or area of Biblical study.

You create categories that are meaningful to you and separate a few pages for each category into a section that is marked by a personalized tab.

Tab dividers in Bible Quilt

Sample categories:

    • Fruits of the Spirit
    • Blessings, Praise
    • Grace, Truth, Light
    • Quiet & Still
    • Health
    • Parenting
    • Marriage
    • A page for each of your children or grandchildren

harmonyWhen you are ready to start a page, simply write out a verse in a square block, then draw an outline box around it. Next mark a fringe around it with hash marks around the line.

You can experiment with lettering styles or doodles. You may include a picture. Shading the background of each square lightly with colored pencil adds some color in addition to using different colored markers/pens. You may add strips of washi tape for a pop of color (or to cover up mistakes.)

10 CommandmentsYou can personalize your journal as much as you want with whatever supplies you have on hand.

You can keep it as simple as just writing verses, or crank up your creativity to add fun embellishments.

the "Word" page in my Bible Quilt®
the “Word” page in my Bible Quilt®

Gradually your pages will begin to resemble a patchwork quilt as the different shapes and colors weave together into a beautiful pattern. Completed pages are a wonderful resource for sharing encouragement with others.

The Bible Quilt® is also a great tool for memorizing scripture because you’re spending time repeatedly with the same verse as you create embellishments around it. It blends scriptures from different parts of the Bible into one place, unifying them in a personal way. Surrender page in Bible Quilt

The Bible Quilt® journal is named for this process of being created by hand, stitching verses together in a meaningful way which transforms the Word of God into a personalized devotional tool.
Strength Bible Quilt™ page
Strength page in my Bible Quilt™

Bible Quilt® can be used to cover ourselves in focused prayer: layering words of truth in our hearts and quieting our spirits as we manage our busy days. It’s an ongoing process that keeps drawing us back into scripture. Some friends have shared that it’s even “addictive” because they lose track of time, wanting to keep creating.

We’ve added a local Weekly Wednesday Bible Quilting® group to our family routine for this school year and it’s providing a wonderful community for Bible Quilters to share and encourage one another in pursuit of real-life application of scripture.

At one of our recent workshops, a lady exclaimed “I’ve been waiting for this all my life!” #BibleQuilt: He is Risen!

As women create with their Bible Quilt® at home and are observed by their family, seeds are being planted in children’s hearts.

Kids are petitioning their moms to let them start their own Bible Quilt® ASAP.  So, we’ve created some kid-friendly templates and launched the #abcsoftheBible series that provides them with loose structure. They love having 26 page starters immediately!

For more ideas on how others are creating in their Bible Quilt® journals,  join our Ordinary Threads Facebook group.  

Search #BibleQuilt or #biblequiltjournal in social media to see how our community is creating beautiful pages in the Word

If you’re interested in purchasing a Bible Quilt® online, please visit our Etsy shop, Ordinary Threads.

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