He is Risen

Bible Quilt™ – Easter

Spring is a time of renewal and hope. As Easter draws near, I’ve been trying to prepare my heart for the season by harvesting verses for my Bible Quilt.™

Audra & Di Audra and I recently hosted our first Bible Quilt™ themed” session for Easter. It was an afternoon of lovely fellowship and cheerful crafting. Bible Quilting - Easter session

With a shared purpose, it was easier to get settled in and stay focused (well, mostly!)


Fresh pages, eager hands, and colorful craft supplies…sisters, friends, mothers, and daughters… a beautiful combination to gather together in God’s Word and celebrate His gift of Jesus to us.



#BibleQuilt - Resurrection page, beginningThe Easter story has a lot of facets and a broad range of human emotion, so I allowed myself the freedom to do more than one page. I began my Resurrection page with a bright sunburst, proclaiming “He is Risen!” 

#BibleQuilt: He is Risen!
Di’s Bible Quilt™ page: He is Risen!

As I harvested verses for my Resurrection page, the detailed descriptions of the Cross prompted another whole page to capture the grit of those moments.

Bible Quilt™ page: the Cross
Di’s Bible Quilt™ page: the Cross

After sketching out an outline of the Cross, I filled it in with a black glitter duck tape to represent the darkness of the crucifixion yet also the beauty that resulted through Christ’s love for us. I used grays and browns to reflect the somber tone, adding purple highlights for the depiction of the purple robe scene.

I finished by drawing a large heart filled with John 3:16. Easter is all about LOVE.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only SON that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

One of the first messages we see in the gospels after the Resurrection is Peace. Jesus reminded the disciples, “Peace be with you.” (Luke 24:36)

PEACE be with you

I finished up my Easter section of my Bible Quilt™ colorful embellishments, reminding us that we have a bright hope because of Jesus and we can be assured in His Peace.

In Him we have Joy and Love. The laughter and creativity around my table as women wrote out scriptures together highlighted the gift of shared joy of being sisters in Christ together.

Bible Quilt™ Easter page
Di’s Bible Quilt™ Easter page

Each Bible Quilt™ is unique to the person creating it. There are no “rules” or “expectations. We encourage each of you to personalize yours in YOUR own style. We’ll continue to share ideas in our Facebook group, Ordinary Threads, and invite you to contribute your own ideas and photos with the group.

Here’s a few other snapshots of what some of the ladies were creating during our Easter “quilting” session:

sunburstHe is Risen...

He is Risen page

Remember that this is a process…feel free to let it unfold at YOUR own pace.He is Risen

May the joys of Easter bless each of you.
Resurrection page - Audra
Audra’s Bible Quilt™ resurrection page



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