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Every day is a giftI have dabbled with different daily quiet time “routines” throughout the years. As with most things, my success ebbs and flows in different seasons of my life.

Last January I felt like I needed something that would harness my “New Year” motivation yet also survive my typical summer slump and then build steadily through the Fall so that I could enter the busy holidays with a lighter spirit. Lofty resolution? Perhaps. A girl can dream. That’s what “fresh starts” are all about, right?

QuietnessOne of the ways I’ve navigated my personal Quiet Time this year is by journaling in my Bible Quilt™. It is a simple concept, yet one that has blessed my time in God’s Word, prolonging my Quietness a little longer. I’d like to share this idea with you because we can all use a bit more quiet in our noisy, busy lives.
As I read devotionals, listen to podcasts, or take notes in church, certain Bible verses resonate with me. I tend to jot them down on random slips of paper in my car, the back of receipts, church bulletins, or scribble them on post-its and put them on my mirror. I’ve got favorite verses on plaques and rocks throughout my house.

Refuge rockAfter a while these tidbits of Godly wisdom felt scattered.

In the midst of decluttering after the holidays, I had an urge to collect all of these verses into a single place and categorize them in a way that was meaningful to me. I did a little scavenger hunt to gather them. As I glanced through my collection, I began to see themes emerging.

(lightbulb moment 💡💡)
Bible Quilt journalI searched our craft supplies stash and found a gently-used blank journal that one of my sons had abandoned. I used some decorative duct tape to cover up the blemishes on the front. I divided my journal into sections, adding colorful tabs to use as topic dividers.
Some of my categories included:Tab dividers in Bible Quilt

Fruits of the Spirit

Grace, Truth, Light

Quiet & Still

Blessings, Praise

I also created sections for my regular prayer requests:Bible Quilt divider tabs



Each of my children

Family members

Marriage (plus individual tabs for my husband and me)

Next I began entering verses in the sections that were meaningful to me. I simply wrote down the verses, drew an outline box around them and doodled a fringe box around each one with hash marks.

Family page in Bible QuiltSometimes I experimented with lettering styles or doodling. On a few pages I included a picture.

I discovered that washi tape covers up mistakes/scribbles while adding a pop of color. (a cute cover-up)

You can personalize your journal as much as you want with whatever supplies you have on hand.
Bible verse quiltAs I added more verse boxes with a variety of colorful pens and shaded the background with colored pencils, the combination began to resemble a patchwork quilt– different shapes and colors weaving together into a beautiful pattern resembling a quilt.

Bible Quilt - prayer

I liked this image of a quilt – made by hand, stitching verses together in a meaningful way which transformed my collection of paper scraps into something purposeful.

Love page in Bible Quilt

Sometimes I stand my journal upright on my counter as a reminder of what verses God is stitching into my heart that week or as an added layer for the current season (ex: Love for month of February)


A Bible Quilt™ can be used to cover ourselves in focused prayer – – layering words of truth in our hearts – – and quieting our spirits as we start our frenzied days.

Psalm 107:1My Bible Quilt™ has become an ongoing project that keeps me motivated to pursue my devotions.  I’ve discovered I’m reading my devotional or Bible more actively as I consider what verses to highlight in my Bible Quilt. Recently I realized I’ve memorized more scripture, too. I hope this Bible Quilt™ idea blesses you as much as it has me.


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