Hi, I am Audra

me and the boys

There is nothing remarkable about me, except that I am a child of God.  Without Jesus, I am an ordinary person just like each one of us. I am sometimes a teacher, an artist, a reader and a runner.  I am always a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend and above all else, in love with the Lord.

I have been given the daunting task of raising four sons with my husband. sunset I count it a privilege and honor to bring these boys up in this present generation.  I live the mundane of each day in glorious ways that the Lord shows me.  It is not easy, ever. But it is the most fulfilling adventure that I have ever known. 

Throughout an ordinary day of sports practices, music lessons, homework, meals, snacks and more snacks, bruised knees and Band Aids, and time for myself, (sometimes failing and sometimes triumphant), usually exhausted but fueled by the joy in watching my family thrive…

Here is how I layer my home.







daily life transformed by God into extraordinary tapestries

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