big walking stick

A Priceless Stick

Soccer Season is upon us. I checked off a new accomplishment on Saturday by getting all four sons to their games in one day, and I found joy in the process! My organizing paid off from the day before as I gathered socks, cleats, shin guards, water bottles and snacks. I even went so far as to bag a few toys and “busy” fidgets for bored brothers on the sidelines.sprung

As our day unfolded, God showed me a glimpse of simplicity from a son. No amount of preparation was as sweet to my day as this example played out in front of me. My son and his friend were between games, and had wandered to a small grouping of trees to play. I glanced periodically at them and saw them all of a sudden swinging large sticks upward at nothing in particular…high in the air, up toward the trees; imagination taking flight, and all else quiet around them. They were each totally in the moment, and I was captivated watching it play out.

Fighting foes                                                                

Saving the captive

Confidence and Skill ignited

Sweet Victory!

big walking stickThrough the eyes of a child.

So simple. Pure Joy, stress free, unplanned.

I want to soak that up.

May God show us His details in the simple things.

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