A Nature Scavenger Hunt!



Every Fall,  my boys and I watch eagerly for the first leaves to begin turning. As the magnificent watercolor display of foliage transforms our street, we get ready for our nature scavenger hunt! Since I have all sons, there is a deep internal need to have a walking stick in hand. This is my 5th year, so I now have a spot in the garage where our family walking sticks park! Some are painted, others carved into, and mine might have a few sparkles added…I’m the ONLY  girl remember.  We prepare brown lunch bags for our treasure hunt. Each has the list and we have our own marker to check off the boxes as we go. For my littlest one, I draw the picture instead of the word so that he has ownership of checking his boxes too. img_2253


We have the best time stomping around our neighborhood! We help one another, we become competitive in the hunt and we just enjoy the process of the adventure. When we feel that we have had enough of it, we head home to size up our treasures. This part has evolved for us through the years.img_2258 Each boy gets a tray and pours the contents of his bag on to it. We take pictures of their trays and then decide which one or two items could be brought into the home for part of a table display. 

It makes for a memorable family tradition. If you need a starter list for your scavenger hunt, I’ve got a great one to whet your appetite for the hunt! img_2257





Copy this list on bags for each participant and make sure they have their own marker to check off their finds.


something fuzzy              img_2590

2 kinds of seeds

2 pieces of litter

something straight

something smooth

something round

something rough

2 types of leaves

something that makes noise

a chewed leaf

a beautiful rock     img_2252

a pinecone

something green

a stick

an acorn

a treasure


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